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Quantum is a dynamic, privately-owned independent company that offers a full back office support service to Financial Planners. We specialise and are committed to support the financial planning profession through the production of high quality, compliant Statements of Advice (SOAs), product research, product comparisons and file notes.


Our Paraplanning team works closely with Financial Planners to ensure the highest quality and compliant Statement of Advice is provided to every single client. Learning to adapt to each Financial Planner’s unique style is our strength and allows us to better harness a team approach towards completing any advice document.


Financial Planning Support

Our Financial Planning Support service provides Financial Planners with administration, research, and implementation support. This allows the Planners to focus more of their time on providing exceptional service to their clients.The Financial Planning Support team works closely with Financial Planners to help alleviate the administrative requirements in the financial planning advice process.


Loan Processing Support

Our Financial Planning Support

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I’m a long-standing customer of Quantum, been utilizing their amazing services for over 2 years now. I’ve had wonderful experiences right from the word ‘go’, and the quality of their services have only improved since I first collaborated with them; not that they were anything less than outstanding back then! Looking forward to work with them for many more years to come.


I was recommended to these good folks by an ex-colleague. Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive before hiring their services. What if my financial business came crumbling down? What if they would not be able to pull me out of my dire situation? All my jitters were for nothing though! Since I first decided to join hands with Quantum, my financial planning business has only travelled in one direction – up!

Dario Pineda

“Working with Quantum doesn’t feel like we are out-sourcing our Paraplanning and support services as we are so often in contact!

The team genuinely care and take their time whilst providing their support and services and have kind and knowledgeable staff always
available, therefore their response and turnaround times are great.

Thank you Chris Cleaver, Nathan Horvath and the rest of the Quantum team for your care and support!”

Kind regards,

Immanuel Sarkis
Financial Planner

Diploma in Financial Planning / SMSF
Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking
Authorised Representative No 001265955 of Aura Wealth Pty Ltd
ABN 34 122 486 935 AFSL 380552

M: 0417 472 161
W: https://cefinancialplanning.com.au/

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Quantum News


Top 3 Financial Planning Tips That Will Help Financial Planners Save Money

October 14th, 2018|0 Comments

 Who doesn’t wish that they had ten times more money than what they already have! It’s not easy to save dollars for regular, office-going folks, but if you thought that money-hoarding is a piece of cake for financial planners, you can never be more mistaken. You, being a financial planning wizard, may be able to draw up advice documents for your clients in the blink of an eye, but when it comes to managing your own finances, you’re almost always left staring at your backlog for hours on end! So how could a financial planner go about managing his/her money? Here are 3 simple yet effective tips that will get you started on the path.   The Nuances of Budgeting: It’s easy for you to create your own budget. You know everything there is to know about your expenditure, you know the mathematics of budgeting, and you do the same [...]

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