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QPP is a dynamic service provider committed to producing high quality, complaint Statements of Advice within 5 working days. QPP also offers an 'emergency 48 hour' service for those times when you need the SOA 'now'. Every client is allocated to a QPP team for easy direct communication and technical support.


QPP works on a simple Service Agreement (SA) which clearly sets out the Terms and Conditions of engagement. The SA incorporates a Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Clause for your further protection. The Service Agreement can be obtained from our office or downloaded from our website.


QPP produces SOAs in XPlan, Coin and Midwinter and can do so in any other software program provided we are guaranteed sufficient volumes of work to warrant the additional software.


Our website provides full details on our business and services. As we grow, the website is constantly being upgraded and incorporates individual, password protected pages for your practice in addition to ongoing technical updates, market commentary and other useful information.

  • Advice Documents

    Preparation of Advice Documents, such as Records of Advice, Statements of Advice and Strategy Papers.

  • Obtaining Quotes

    Obtaining quotes and quote comparisons to suit the client’s instructions

  • Modelling

    Modelling various strategies and producing detailed projections and graphs

  • Technical Support

    Providing accurate and efficient technical support.

  • Strategies

    Discussing potential strategies and their suitability.