Other Services

Technical Support

 At Quantum Paraplanning, we are often internally talking about the issues and strategies that surround the financial sector, and believe our constant application and understanding to be our greatest assets. We encourage our Financial Planners to call and discuss strategies and to use us as a ‘sounding board’ if they require it. We can also help our Financial Planners keep on top of the ever changing financial landscape by explaining rule changes, future implications or new strategies. 


We pride ourselves on the accuracy and detail given in our projections, and are constantly looking to up-skill ourselves across the modelling platforms that we use. In house, we have experts on all the major projection softwares, including Coin, XPlan and AdviceOS. We are always looking to work proactively with Financial Planners around the depth and scope that our projections bring to their SOAs.


At Quantum Paraplanning we are bale to assist in your research requirements before providing advice to your clients. We have access to multiple software platforms so we can provide research reports to assist with your advice process.


As we are constantly dealing with multiple advice templates across different licensees, we are able to assist in building templates to help streamline your Financial Planning practice.


Due to our technical knowledge in the Financial Services Industry, we are constantly ensuring we have a strong understanding on compliance requirements. At Quantum Paraplanning we are able to assist with your practice compliance needs.