Paraplanning Services

We, at Quantum Paraplanning, pride ourselves on:

· Offering comprehensive support to Financial Planners

· Ensuring quality and appropriate advice is provided to clients

· Alleviating burdens such as Advice Documents and Technical Research

· Enabling Financial Planners to focus on client service

Through our systemised approach and documented processes, we are able to support Financial Planners in areas such as strategy, advice documents, technical knowledge, research and compliance. This allows the Planners to focus more of their time on providing exceptional service to their clients.

The Quantum Paraplanning team works closely with Financial Planners to ensure the highest level of advice is provided to every single client. Learning to adapt to each Financial Planner’s unique style is our strength and allows us to better harness a team approach towards completing any advice document.

5 Business Day Service Target

At Quantum Paraplanning we pride ourselves in providing a 5-business day service target to ensure you can see your client quicker.

At all times through the SOA Process we will keep you updated so you can track the progress towards the service target. If we are going to exceed our service target, we will keep you updated on the expected turnaround.

SOA Types

Due to our large team of Paraplanners we are able to offer a range of SOA services starting from your simple super rollover and insurance plans, through to complex strategies involving multiple SMSFs, Trusts and Gearing strategies.

Quality SOAs

Our process driven SOAs always have at least two Paraplanner’s involvement, which reduces errors and provides our clients with multiple  contacts, ensuring open communication. We understand the importance of  returning a high quality SOA to you as soon as possible, and our partners and  staff are motivated and monitored on performance and the service they provide  to you.