As a Financial Planner, your role is to build relationships with new and existing clients. All too often, do you find yourself getting stuck with back-office administration, compliance and advice implementation which takes you away from your income producing role, seeing new and existing clients?  

Using Quantum’s outsourced staff to fulfil the time-consuming file preparation, advice research and implementation, as well as general administration, can be a great way to free up your in-house staff to work more closely with you and to focus on your clients.  

Outsource staff provide a more cost-effective approach because during quieter times when they may not be required, there are no mandated wages to pay.  Furthermore, there are none of the standard costs in employing staff such as; computers, annual leave, bonus, sick leave and superannuation.  

The last couple of years have been volatile for the Financial Planning industry, coupled with the introduction of education requirements and the adviser exam as well as the introduction of fee for service and annual advice agreements.   Now is the time to simplify and grow your business through outsourcing your time-consuming tasks.  

All admin, Pre-SoA and Paraplanning work completed by Quantum is completed in Australia.   

Let’s have a positive start to 2022 and discuss how outsourcing can benefit you and your business.   

Please call Chris Cleaver on 07 5532 9516 or email with a suitable time and he will call you back.