Paraplanning is a well known role within the Financial Services industry for the technical expertise it brings to Financial Advisers, but what is Para-Broking and how could it benefit you and your business?

A Para-Broker use their technical expertise in Mortgages and Lending and take the Fact Find, file note and supporting information from the Broker and discuss the scenario with multiple lenders to discover the most suitable outcome for the client based on their goals and objectives.

How could this benefit you and your business?

Quantum understands that Brokers prefer to spend their time seeing clients and networking. We have designed a service that aims to maximise a Broker’s time for these pursuits.

Our team of CSOs will integrate into the Broker’s business, with their own email address, ensuring that after the initial meeting and File Note is written by the Broker, our CSOs can engage with the clients to collect all relevant documents. 

Once all documents have been received, our Para-Brokers will discuss the scenario with multiple lenders to find the most suitable product and commence the credit analysis, serviceability assessments, pricing, loan comparisons and product and policy research. 

After consultation with the Broker to gain approval for the deal, our loan processing team then enter the deal into Applyonline, produce the compliance documents and track it through to settlement. During this time, our CSO team will keep the Broker and client up to date with the progress of their loan.

Could this help you?

Whether you are a single-practice Broker or a larger firm with support staff, utilising a Para-Broker could assist in freeing up your time so you can see more clients, build your business or finish at 5pm!!

To discuss if this is suitable for you and how it may work within your business, please contact Chris Cleaver on 0452 622 210 or